Monday, May 28, 2007

Favorite Photos

Happy Memorial Day! We have had a great weekend...filled with music, cookouts, the Belmont drive-in (featuring Shrek 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3) and sleeping in! Thank you, Lord, for this weekend of relaxation and fun! Here are a few photos Daniel took a few months ago at Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, SC...except for Thor. He is the cutest choodle (chihuahua-poodle mix), owned by our friend Sarah Ann.


yellow poppy


and thor...the most beautiful of all...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

strawberry picking in dallas, nc!

What a fun Sunday afternoon! A group of Uptowners went to pick strawberries in the bustling metropolis of Dallas, NC. There's nothing like eating a juicy red strawberry fresh off the press and warmed by the sun! Unfortunately, my back decided to be in competition with the red berries, and I received my first sunburn of 2007...guess it's time to break out the good ole spf 50.

maggie dirks gazes in amazement

hard at work...

one carton almost full...

the crew plus jessica taking the picture

Saturday, May 12, 2007

in the beginning...

Our first home! 4142 Aycock Ln.

So, the McNamees gave in and started a blog...don't worry, no babies yet, just the girls, "Lilly" and "Dakota". We hope it is fun for all our friends and family to read and see pictures. As of now, we have officially been in Charlotte for almost one full year and are really enjoying the "city life." We have truly been blessed through a wonderful church family, home, friends and jobs and continue to explore the ins and outs that Charlotte has to offer. We are trying our hand at gardening this spring (anybody like tomatoes?) and hope to do more home projects through the next year. As the McNamee clan never ceases to entertain each other, we hope this life story will do the same for you. We'd love to hear input, insight and of course an invite to your blog along the way.

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