Tuesday, June 26, 2007

relaxing at the beach- Ponte Vedra, FL

Daniel and I traveled down to Ponte Vedra, FL to spend about 5 days with his side of the family-what a sweet time! In addition to relaxing, sunning and sleeping, we met our newest family member, Christopher (see below)...so adorable! Some of the other highlights included taking walks/runs on the beach, watching dolphins surf the waves and witnessing a lightning storm pass over the ocean. What a blessing to spend time being still and awing over God's beautiful and powerful creation! I need to do this more often!

the sun rises over the horizon

little christopher brings another generation to the beach

an evening on the beach

chef jeremy prepares his famous kabobs

Sunday, June 3, 2007

a night at the symphony

We have officially been Charlotte-ites for 1 year...I can't believe how time flies. Although we were a little uncertain as to what the "big city" would bring, we have been pleasantly surprised as to how much we have enjoyed Charlotte. There is a lot to offer young people and families...great parks, a fun downtown, sports events, yummy restaurants, live music, festivals and sweet community. This past weekend we went to Pops in the Park with some Uptown friends-what a night of dining over fresh guacamole, sipping on wine and listening to the Charlotte symphony!

fellowship on a cool summer evening

"pops" in the park...thanks brad

hmmm...that guacamole looks good

oh the places an aerobie will fly...and not come back

our first garden...

So, Daniel and I are trying our hand with gardening this spring and summer. We are hoping for the green thumb blessing... Regardless, it's been fun to work outside in God's beautiful creation. I am so amazed at the intricate detail and beauty of a single flower blossom. What a testimony to a Divine Creator. So far, we've planted tomatoes, peppers, basil, rosemarry and several perennials and annuals. We'll keep you updated on whether our thumbs are turning green.

wildflower growing in our creek

our first tomato! it still has a way to go

Our tomato stake contraption (upper left); baby sunflowers (upper right); the first-of many!-flower beds (bottom)

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