Monday, July 21, 2008

gigantic sunflower

last year i began a tradition that i think i will continue for many years to come. i planted quite a few sunflower seeds, and one of them began to grow and grow and topped out at 6-7 ft tall. well this year, i planted around 40 more seeds from last year's flower. i put them in the side yard, near the front path and in our front yard bed near the street. most of these plantings were done in secret due to their location. (virginia and i usually disagree on planting locations, i tend to overplant prominent areas) well, this year we have 6 sunflowers throughout the yard, but one has stood above them all. much to virginia's dismay, this was the one i planted secretly on the front edge of our yard! :) i have to agree with her, it did look like we had a larger than life weed growing for 2 months. but as our sunflower reached full height at about 10-11 ft, and began to bloom, i was once again inspired. so keep watching for next year, i'll be shooting for a 15 ft sunflower!

about to open up...

first day open...

opening up...i had to take this one from a ladder!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1400 miles of colorado in seven days!!!

Daniel and I just can't enough of exploring other parts of the country/world. We love seeing unique landscapes, experiencing diversity and exploring the beauty of God's creation. We headed out to Colorado in early June for a family reunion, so we made a trip out of it exploring parts of Colorado and a glimpse of Utah. Other sweet highlights included spending some time with our close friends Andy and Lauren in Denver, hiking with Lauren B. up to a beautiful waterfall outside of Vail, celebrating our 4 year anniversary and experiencing the Telluride bluegrass festival. It couldn't have been a better trip...other than having more time!

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