Monday, November 2, 2009

More Pics...

Swinging with papa

Sunset overlooking Madrid

Green side of building


Coliseum...think Gladiator!

Madrid, Rome and Gelato

Sporting her new hat in the Bjorn

Teaching her the important food groups!

The family in front of St. Peters

Swinging in a local park

Riley and abuela

About a week ago, we returned from visiting Daniel's parents in Madrid, Spain. We had a wonderful trip spending time with abuela (spanish for grandmother) and pawpaw McNamee, tia (aunt) Maria and some new additions to the Spain Young Life team. We spent our time in Madrid relaxing, watching movies, going to the park, touring some gardens in the city and taking a long bike ride into the city. It was so sweet to spend time together as a family. During the middle part of our stay, we "hopped" over to Rome for 3 nights for more adventure and fun. Riley was such a trooper through it all. She loved meeting her pawpaw for the first time, traveling around in the baby bjorn for 6 hours a day and experiencing her first Italian gelato. She may have even picked up a little Spanish and Italian with all the sweet elderly people speaking to her. Thank you abuela, pawpaw and tia maria for such a wonderful stay and fun time. We can't wait to see you all soon!

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