Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tomatos ripening in the garden

Watermelon, anyone?

Riley and daddy at the whitewater center

Riley reading the newspaper

Say cheese!

Awaken! This is how we've felt over the past month. Now, that Riley is almost 5 months old, we are really starting to live life "normally" again and feel like functional members of society again. We've enjoyed every stage, but it is so much fun to see Riley interact with her surroundings and respond to us. And of course, sleep is such a wondrous and beautiful thing again! She is "talking" her language, flipping from her belly to back (unfotunately she hasn't learned to flip the other way and hates being on her back for long!), sucking her thumb consistently, reading books and starting to laugh. What a genius!

Updates on the rest of the McNamee life include our growing garden, developing plans to visit Spain in October (should be interesting with a 7 month old!), working (Virginia works 2-3 days a week now) and traveling to various places this coming month (we promise to post more frequently!). Here are a few shots of what summer 2009 has brought our way.

Friday, July 3, 2009

She's growing!

It has been so much fun watching Riley grow over these past fews months. She will be officially 4 months old on July 8th. She is rolling over, smiling and cooing and really interacting with her surroundings more. She truly is a beautiful baby (I know I'm biased), and we pray that her inner beauty would develop as she becomes more aware of Christ's love in her life. Although many people initially said she looked more like Virginia, there are definitely some characteristics popping up that reflect Daniel...including her large thighs (check out Daniel's baby picture below)! So, come check her out...we would love friends and family to visit!

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