Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Surprise Abuela! Trip to Spain!

Well, we pulled it off!  We surprised Abuela (Daniel's mom) by showing up to her door in Spain!  We have been planning this for several months and the time finally came.  I almost gave it away several times!  Thank you to Papa Mac for helping us with the planning and doing an awesome job in keeping the secret!  We had an awesome time and will not forget the memories!  Daniel and I were even able to get two nights away without kids...thank you, again, Abuela and Papa Mac!  We drove north to the beautiful Ordesa National Park and then over to the seaside town of San Sebastian.  Despite our poor Spanish language skills (Daniel asked a man if he knew what kind of gas we needed to put in our shopping cart...oops!  I mean car...) we had a great time!  We are so grateful to God's goodness to us...we are so not deserving!

                                                Ella quickly grew comfortable to the European lifestyle

                                                        Playing at the park with Abuela

                                       First (and probably only) time we drove a BMW for our trip to Northern Spain

                                                                    Ordesa National Park

                                                                                Torla, Spain

                                                                     San Sebastian, Spain


                                                                 San Sebastian at sunset

                                                           Delicious breakfast at a seaside cafe

                                                                     Riley watering Abuela's garden

                                                               Rotiro Park, Madrid

                                                                    Ella practicing yoga moves in Rotiro

                                                                    More fun at Rotiro
I just LOVE this picture!


                                                                             Ordesa National Park

San Sebastian Cathedral

                                                        Pozuelo Park

Surprising Abuela in Madrid for Her Birthday!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

He is risen!

                                                       Ready for church...Easter Sunday

                                    Our wonderfully, sweet neighbors gave R and E an egg hunt
I love this picture...R is totally content in the grass with her Easter basket

What an awesome Savior we have that has conquered death!  He is risen indeed and is ALIVE!  It is so fun starting to explain the reasoning behind different holidays and events.  We asked Riley why we celebrate Easter (the day after going to an Easter egg hunt), and she said, "Because Jesus picked up Easter eggs."  Oops...saw the need for a little teaching moment there;)  She now knows that Jesus is risen!  And that one way we celebrate is by having lots of sweet treats...

Happy Birthday Riley Roo!

I can't believe our little girl turned 3 last month!  She is getting so BIG...saying words like "actually and eventually."  We love her so much and are so thankful that the Lord chose us to be her parents.  We pray that she may grow into a woman that loves Christ with all of her heart, soul, mind and strength.  Here are a few pictures from her bowling party...

                                                       Dancing after her first bowl!

Even Ella enjoyed it!

So grateful for friends!

Riley picked out this Queen For a Day balloon and carried it around for a month!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


An overseas missionary friend of ours asked us to send some pictures of us that she would put up in her home for her husband who is in the midst of chemotherapy. This was such a sweet idea to remind him that others were praying for him around the world. How beautiful is the body of Christ!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Flight of 2012

Ella-16 months
I can't believe it is already March 1st! This year is flying by, but I am so enjoying the season we are in! Riley and Ella are both at such fun stages (most of the time!). I really do feel blessed to spend my days with them and count it as a privilege (and huge responsibility) to watch them grow. My prayer is that our home and lives would reflect Jesus to them in every aspect, so that a spiritually tender heart would be developing within both of them. Things we are enjoying currently include anything outdoors, dance parties at home, driving around in our new mini-van (yes we joined the club!), art-especially stickers and painting, library visits and traveling. Here are a few pics of the happenings over the past few months.

Riley turns 3 March 8th!

Our first gingerbread house!

We love exploring parks!

Picnic at the Nature Museum

Welcome baby Grayson to the family!

girls and papa mac at christmas

mcnamee christmas

5 grandchildren two and under!

soderberg christmas

painting with nanna

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