Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Hike

Virginia and I decided last second to make our way to the mountains for Memorial day. We were pleasantly surprised with the beauty of South Mountain State Park, only 1.5 hr from Charlotte. After a short, but steep hike we were blessed with the view of High Shoals Falls.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Northwest Adventure

Megan and Virginia at the Seattle Market

California Redwoods

California Coast

Beautiful Sunset

The Golden Gate

Falls Creek Falls on the Oregan Scenic Byway

Victoria, British Columbia

Scene from the Butchart Gardens

Olympic National Park

Route 1 Bound

Early to rise, we're off to a land unconquered, beauty and mystery,

With maps in hand and packs on our back, we're ready for another adventure in McNamee history;

Seattle, a city of rain and cold, but aroma, diversity and culture intertwined,

On to Victoria, a ferry boat ride away; an undiscovered jewel, most will find;

Along the coast through Olympic National Park, first stop Mora to capture a heavenly view,

Snow falling, yet the golden Son beamed over the coast, reminded me of God's penetrating love anew;

The city of roses, Portland bound; a fun, vivacious, earthly feel, with overwhelming snowcapped mountain views,

A break from the hostels and tent was in order, a much needed night with a bed, shower and a long night snooze;

Down I-5, past Mt. St. Helens; then onto the scenic by-way, a mark of exquisite penmanship by the Creator,

Up to Crater Lake, with ten feet of snow enveloping the canvas, we decided not to camp and instead headed to the California shore;

The Oregon countryside was a beauty, with open seas of green and mountains surround,

We crossed the border and turned the page to another masterpiece which no comparison can be found;

The giant Redwoods stand alone in majesty and strength, the sun's fingertips brushing along the dense fern covered forest floor,

Hundreds of years these trees have stood; if they could sing, a symphony they would play, marking the crescendo and diminuendo of times they bore;

Down Route 1, winding along the Pacific coast, sheer cliffs to the right down to the sea, with our sights set on Mendocino,

Settling for the night at the picturesque John Daugherty House, we were pampered like a king and queen; a definte highlight and must go;

The Golden Gate blanketed in fog, we ventured into San Francisco as our last stop on our way,

The parks, the bay and people alike made it a favorite and oh, Ghiradelli Square...heavenly, I must say;

As our journey had come to an end; the punctuation made for the close of our chapter, we reflect with thankful hearts and humbly pray,

To the One enabling us; our breath, life and very being; Emmanuel, I am, Jehovah, Yahweh.

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